Headset - corsair void pro rgb usb review

Corsair VOID PRO RGB USB – Honest Review

When reviewing any headset (or any other tech device), we should never be overtaken by the looks of it, but focus also on the build quality, performance, etc. And that’s exactly what this Corsair Void pro rgb usb review will focus on. Be sure to read every category below and let us know in the comments if you don’t agree with something in this review of the Corsair Void Pro RGB USB!

Overall:   8.25 👍  

  • Comfort 7.5
  • Performance 8.5
  • Build Quality 9
  • Extras 8

Perfect for: Gaming | Medium and Big Heads

From a brand known for its high-quality mice and headsets, the Corsair Void PRO RGB USB is an extremely comfortable headset with memory foam cushions. You will forget you are using a headset after 10 minutes! The only flaw with this headset is that you can’t rock your head too fast (see more about this below).

The unidirectional noise-canceling microphone is just what you need for in-game voice chats, Discord or Skype. If you regularly have noise in the background, this microphone most likely won’t pick it up. With Corsair’s software “iCLUE”, you will be able to adapt the headset to your needs, not only can you change the RGB light, but also create different sound profiles to emphasize different things, like bass or vocals.

headset lower view - corsair void pro rgb usb review

Comfort – 7.5

The first thing you should look at when evaluating a headset is how comfortable it is in your head. The Corsair Void Pro RGB USB passes the comfort test easily, for both short and long usage sessions. I have used this headset for about one year, I was in college during that year and didn’t have much money to spend, while still wanting to get a good headset to spend hours without end in front of the computer with. I knew I wanted a comfortable headset for gaming and for working with music in the background. Everybody knows that Corsair was (and is) a prestigious brand, so I chose this headset.

It is a surprisingly light headset, with great quality foam in its cushions, which means that it doesn’t press against your head at all, after 10 minutes, you will forget that you have a headset on, and that’s just what you want out of a headset! 

The absolute only problem when it comes to comfort is the fact that, because it’s so light and doesn’t press against your head with much force, if you move your head around too fast, the headset might move around and even fall out of your head. This might be a big no go for some people, if you like to rock your head at the sound of some metal music from time to time, then this is not the headset for you. But if you are like me, if you don’t move your head much when in front of the computer, then please do give a chance to this headset, because it was nothing but amazing for me during that year, and it still works today!

We should also mention that this headset is not the best for people with small sized heads, you can adjust it as you see fit for yourself, but even then, it won’t be great for small heads.

Performance – 8.5 👍 

The sound from this headset is crystal clear, with optional surround that you can turn off and on with the simple click of a button. This headset has two buttons, one of them mutes the microphone (when the microphone is muted, there is a red light next to it that will start pulsing, this way you won’t forget that your mic is muted); the other button is the volume button, you can use it to change the volume and also press it quickly to change between the sound profiles you created in the Corsair iCLUE software, if you keep the volume button pressed for more than one second, you will activate or deactivate the 7.1 surround sound without having to do it in the Corsair iCLUE software.

When it comes to the microphone, I have personally tested it not only during gaming sessions with friends, using CS:GO and PUBG’s in-game voice chat, but also during skype calls, all the listeners reported that the microphone is great, they didn’t even notice I was using a headset instead of a separate microphone. The headset comes with a microphone windscreen, also known as microphone cover, that improves even more the reduction of bad noises and background noises.

Build Quality – 9  

The build quality of this headset is incredibly impressive for its price tag. The Corsair Void Pro RGB USB is made of high-quality materials, from the plastic of the chassis to the metal in the head band’s interior, and never forgetting the comfortable and sweat-proof foam in the headband and earpads.

It’s also worth mentioning that the earpads are foldable (which helps a lot when packing), and the rotating system is very resistant, meaning that you really won’t be afraid to break it (unlike what happens with many other headsets). You can read more about What Makes Headsets Good in this article we wrote.

Extras – 8  

In the “extras” category, the Corsair iCLUE software really adds a lot to the package, with it you are able to create different sound profiles focused on improving your listening experience, per example, I created four profiles, one for the daily Skype calls and acoustic music I like to listen to, another for FPS games (with which I always activate the surround sound), another with emphasis on bass for heavier music and games, and another with a cinematic feel for movies.

Another great feature is the ability to change between sound profiles, to turn the surround sound on and off, and to mute and unmute the microphone with the simple click or flick of a button in the left side of the headset, without having to open the Corsair iCLUE software.

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