Logitech G403 – Honest Review

Overall   8.75 👍

| Design and Dimensions 9
| Performance 9
| Build Quality 10
| Extras 7

Perfect for: Gaming & Work | Right Hand

Logitech’s G403 is a great combination of comfort, performance, and quiet looks. Much like what we already expect from Logitech, this mouse is built with the best materials and is the choice of many professional players.

Even though It belongs to Logitech’s gaming mice collection, with its simple design, it definitely doesn’t scream “gaming mouse”, making it a perfect choice for an office setting.

Design and Dimensions – 9 👍 

G403 has an ergonomic design focused on right-handed users, it has great rubber grips on both sides for added control of the mouse. It is a medium-sized mouse, making it a good choice for people with medium-size hands, for people with big hands and claw or tip grip, and even for people with relatively small hands (read more about types of grip here). Like I said before, this mouse does not scream “gaming mouse” when you first look at it, but if you turn on the lights and personalize the color and type of blinking you want the light to have, then it goes well with all the other gaming setup you might have.

Doesn’t matter if you have a green setup because you love Razer, or a red one because you love your red gaming corner, you can choose whatever color you want for this mouse’s light in the very easy to use Logitech’s software. In conclusion, when it comes to design, this mouse is very simple, which works great for both gaming and business environments. When it comes to dimensions, it’s a medium-sized mouse, which is very appealing to most people.

Performance – 9 👍 

I have personally used this mouse daily for more than a year, and believe it or not, I have NEVER had a performance problem with it. Not with connectivity, not with button failure, not with middle wheel failure, not with Logitech’s software then lets you customize the functions of the buttons as well as the light behavior. With Logitech’s software you are also able to create profiles with your customizations, and one profile is stored in the mouse’s onboard memory, meaning it will be active if/when you plug the mouse in another computer, even if that computer doesn’t have Logitech’s software, which is very useful if you plan to use the mouse in more than one computer. 

The only complaint someone might have about this mouse’s performance is the not so great quality of the two thumb buttons. These are a bit more fragile than the other buttons, but as I said before, after one year of use, after many hours of gaming and many days working with excel sheets, everything was working perfectly well.

Build Quality – 10 👍

Every mouse comes out of the box looking like the most perfect thing ever, especially gaming mice, but a lot of them end up with some problem after a couple of months, it can be because one of the buttons stop working, it can be because the right button has already been worn out and you look like you are digging a hole with each click. This does not happen if the build is of high quality, and that’s the case with a lot of Logitech products, that’s why they are one of the most prestigious brands amongst professional gamers. Logitech’s G403 is no exception, after one year of use, mine can be put back in the box and sold as new, you can see it for yourself in the pictures above! The buttons can withstand 20-million clicks and have a mechanical button tensioning system. We should also mention that the cable is braided, which gives it a premium look and feel while giving more resistance. I really admire the quality of this product, especially if you consider its price.

Extras – 8 👍 

My favorite extra of this mouse is its adjustable weight, you can attach and detach 10g from the bottom of the mouse, which comes in handy when you feel tired. You have access to Logitech’s software, as I mentioned before. But with only 6 buttons, this mouse lacks a little bit in the “extras”. For some MOBA games, like Dota2 or LoL, and for games with a lot of customizable shortcuts, like Fortnite and WoW, the extra buttons that most gaming mice come with nowadays can be very useful. But I would definitely not say that this affects your in-game performance, after all, most professional players prefer mice with not that many buttons, much like G403.