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What Makes a Good Headset?

TurtleATech rates headsets based on Comfort, Performance, Build Quality and Extras (each category explained below).

Being it for business, gaming, music creation or bench watching youtube videos, a lot of the time we spend in front of a computer is also spent listening to something. The worst thing you can do to a musician, content creator AND to yourself is use bad quality headphones or speakers to listen to their creation. And the worst thing you can do to your friends, family members or business partners when in a call with them is use a bad quality microphone!

To stop all of that, you just need to find a good quality headset, but should you follow the rule that says that “the more expensive the better”? NO! The electronics industry is one of the industries where you can be fouled really easily by good packaging and a couple of good reviews from people that get paid to give good reviews – TurtleATech does it differently, our reviews are called “Honest Reviews” for a reason!

So, how can we tell if a headset is good before buying it? Here at TurtleATech, you can always find honest reviews of the new (and old) headsets in the market, we rate them based on Comfort, Performance, Build Quality and Extras:

Headset - corsair void pro rgb usb review

Comfort – Some people want a good headset for gaming, others to travel, others to work, and it’s true that some headsets are better for certain things than others, but there’s one characteristic that all of them need to have: they need to be comfortable. Otherwise, you won’t want it in your head for more than 10 minutes. As someone that is always either listening to music or playing videogames, I have my headset in my head for multiple hours per day, and I know I can’t stand an uncomfortable headset. If you think you can endure the discomfort and ignore it after a while… you are wrong because it gets to a point where it really hurts your head and you can’t focus on whatever you are doing.

The headband (the part of the headset that presses against the top of your head) is very important, it should be easily adjustable to the size of your head, and it should have comfortable and durable cushions, just like the ones in the speaker boxes, on each side of your headphones. The cushion on the speaker boxes should be firm enough so that the headset doesn’t go flying with your every move, while still being soft enough to be comfortable. The foam used in the cushions is also very relevant for whoever plans to use the headphones for a couple of hours per day.

Most headsets are not perfect in every aspect when it comes to comfort, some are too small for people with big heads, others are too loose for people that like to go crazy with their heads when listening to music, that’s why you always follow the honest reviews of TurtleATech, we always mention the positive and the negative points so you can find the perfect product for you! Just like we did when describing one of my favorite budget headsets: Corsair Void Pro RGB USB.

Performance – Regarding performance, we look at the sensitivity of the headphones and test its quality through music listening, gaming sessions and skype calls. We also focus on the sensitivity and pickup pattern of the microphone through Skype calls and gaming sessions. It’s very frustrating when you know you bought a quality product like a headset, but then find that a specific part of it is not as high quality as you thought, this happens with a lot of people that forget to pay attention to the quality of the microphone in the headset they want to buy. Some companies prefer making headsets focusing on the sound quality of the speakers and then just add a low quality and cheap microphone so they can tell you it has a microphone. Once again, this is why you should always read our honest reviews before buying a product.

headset lower view - corsair void pro rgb usb review

Build Quality – When it comes to something you will use and move around from place to place frequently; you always need to pay attention to the build quality of the said product. This is the case with headsets because even if you are very careful when putting the headset in your traveling bag, or when you hang it in your headset stand, headphones with bad build quality will brake super easily or stop working because some electronic part inside the headset broke. Sometimes the plastic used to build the headset is of such a bad quality that it interferes with the quality of the sound when you move your head a little bit.

We not only look at the quality and resistance of the headset’s build in general, but also to the resistance and quality of the foam used in the cushions (in both the headband and ear pads), resistance of the flexible microphones, resistance of the material (metal, steel or plastic) of the adjustable headband, type and quality of the cable (if it’s a wired headset).

Extras – Almost every headset in the market comes with great “extras”. The problem is that most people tend to get amused by how many colors and lights the headset has, and then don’t focus on the “extras” that are actually useful. This category includes: number of buttons (programmable or not); existence of software and onboard memory – some headsets have programmable buttons and lights that can be personalized in a computer program, some also have onboard memory, which means that the settings you choose for your headset will be stored in it, this way, if you plug in your headset to another computer, it will automatically assume the settings you chose; existence of surround sound and ways to personalize it; possibility to detach the microphone; cable length in wired headsets; etc.

You will also find the Overall score in TurtleATech’s articles, which is the mean between all categories: Comfort, Performance, Build Quality and Extras.

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