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Are Pet Cameras Worth It? – A Complete Guide

Every pet owner worries about their buddy being well, not only physically but also emotionally. It’s fairly easy to take care of a pet when he is right next to us, but everyone has to go places that don’t allow pets. Some companies started implementing the “bring a pet to work” day, but for all the other days of the week, your pet won’t have other option but to stay home alone. Luckily, pet cameras can help both you and your pet! 

For those of us who have family and friends living in another city, or even country, staying connected with them is super easy, we just need to pick up the phone and send a message. Well, now you can do almost the same with your pet. 

He/she probably won’t answer back to your text message, but he/she will definitely raise both ears when hearing your voice! 

Almost every pet camera has two-way audio, letting you have something similar to a phone call with your buddy. Some cameras even have treat dispensers and two-way cameras!

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What Makes One Pet Camera Better Than Another?

When it comes to Pet Cameras, even though camera resolution is obviously very important, there are many other features more important than image quality. For example, devices with treat dispensers are in a huge advantage because of the increased interactability they offer.

Angle Of Coverage: The angle range that the lens camera can image is very important, yet most people forget to think about it, especially the vertical angle. Cameras like our first pick (Furbo Dog Camera) have a wide-angle camera but do not rotate nor tilt, meaning that you won’t be able to “aim” the camera down, which is a problem is you plan on having it on top of a high platform. Other cameras like our second pick (Neos SmartCam) can be easily adjusted even though you can’t rotate them in your app. Cameras that have a rotate option, such as the Victure IP Camera PC530, have a distinct advantage in this department.

Two-Way Audio: Every camera that we have chosen for this list has two-way audio, they have a speaker and a microphone built in the device that allows you to both hear and emit sound using the app. Two-way audio is almost indispensable in pet cameras, not only because it gives us a way to interact with our pet, but also for security purposes. You can scare off thieves if you catch them in the act and also scare off your pet if you catch him/her ready to chew your best pair of sneakers!

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Night Vision: A pet camera is a great way for you to check out if your dog is well during your lunch break, but in case you travel and have to leave your pet at home or if you work during the night, you will probably want to take a look at your pet and house while no lights are on, in this case, you really need a camera with night vision. Almost every camera in this list has a night vision mode, most of them will even activate night vision automatically so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

​Motion Detection: Most pet cameras nowadays have a sensor that detects motion and will send you a notification through the app so you can see your pet when he’s kidding around in front of the camera. Some cameras, like the Furbo Dog Camera, also have a “barking detection” feature, which will notify you not only when a dog barks but whenever a loud sound happens, such as a vase breaking or a smoke detector going off.

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Treat Dispenser: If you want the most interactivity possible with your pet, then you should definitely get a pet camera with a treat dispenser. After a few times, your dog or cat will know that a treat might pop out whenever they hear your voice through the pet camera, and they will be jumping around to get it! Examples of pet cameras with treat dispensers are the Furbo Dog Camera and the PetChatz HD. Most cameras will get a bit warm after a while so you should always use hard biscuit treats instead of soft treats.

Voice Control: If you have an Alexa or Google Assistant system, then a camera with voice control might come in handy. For example, some cameras, like the Neos SmartCam are compatible with the Echo Show, you can have many cameras installed in different rooms and then to see each room in your Echo Show, you just have to say “Alexa, show me the kitchen”. If you choose to buy the Furbo Dog Camera, you can link your Furbo account to the Alexa and say commands like: “Alexa, ask Furbo to toss a treat.” or “Alexa, ask Furbo to toss a treat every 30 minutes between 9 A.M. and 6 P.M.”

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Just like we have mentioned in our article “Are Pet Cameras Worth It?”, a simple camera that you connect to your wi-fi might be easily hacked, some people have mentioned being hacked 30 minutes after setting up their cameras! We have taken this factor very seriously when choosing the cameras for this list. Every camera we chose has a history of good feedback from buyers when it comes to security. It is also very worth mentioning that almost every camera in this list has some kind of encryption technology, a lot of them being protected by a password that you should keep to yourself at all times. 

If you want to be extremely careful, you can choose a camera that records the videos using encryption technology directly into a micro SD card, like the Victure IP Camera PC530. Even if your camera or SD card gets stolen, no one will be able to copy the SD card’s video files through the card reader. And the video files in the SD card can only be accessed by yourself, in your own account.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Pet Camera

Don’t let yourself be taken by good advertisement, before buying a pet camera, you should think about what you want out of it, in what way you’ll use it. There are two major factors you need to have in mind before choosing a pet camera:

1. Pet’s personality: Every pet will know that when the camera makes sound, a treat might come out at any time! What most people forget is that some of these cameras are quite small and light, so if your pet is a bit clumsy and keeps going against your furniture, then you should think of a way to put the camera in a place your pet can’t reach, or choose to buy a camera with a better build. Otherwise, you might turn on your camera one day and everything is upside down, or even worst, to home to a broken camera.

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2. Angle of non-rotating cameras: Cameras like the Victure IP Camera PC530 have near-perfect 360º coverage, but if you have your eyes in a camera that doesn’t rotate, then you should consider even better the place for them. Cameras like the Furbo Dog Camera can’t be placed on top of a high table, because it won’t capture the ground in front of it, so you won’t even see the place the treats go to. Keeping the camera on the ground or on top of a low platform are both great options.

We talk about each of these factors in more detail in our article “Are Pet Cameras Worth It”, so you should definitely check it out if interested.

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Bottom Line:

So… are robot vacuums any good? Well, we can’t deny that robot vacuums do a very good job of helping around. But, just like we have mentioned before, an upright vacuum cleaner that takes care of couches and high pile carpets will be your robot’s best friend.

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I hope this guide was helpful to you and answered every questions you had! 

But if it didn’t, just leave a comment below or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we see your message! 🐢

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