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Best Pet Cameras 2020 – For Dogs, For Cats And For You!

Every pet owner worries about their buddy being well, not only physically but also emotionally. It’s fairly easy to take care of a pet when he is right next to us, but everyone has to go places that don’t allow pets. Some companies started implementing the “bring a pet to work” day, but for all the other days of the week, your pet won’t have other option but to stay home alone. 

Luckily, pet cameras can help both you and your pet! Here are the best of the best that won’t ruin your bank account:

Top 5 Pet Cameras – Roundup Table


Dog Camera
Victure IP
Camera PC530
PetChatz HD
and PawCall
Petcube Bites
Pet Camera
Image Quality
1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD  720p HD 1080p HD
Angle Coverage 160º 110º 360º 65.5º  138º
Two-Way Audio ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔
Night Vision ✔ ✔ ✔ X ✔
Motion Detection ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔   ✔
Treat Dispenser ✔ X X ✔   ✔
Voice Control ✔ ✔ X X   ✔
Overall 9 ⭐ 9 ⭐ 8.5 ⭐ 8 ⭐ 8 ⭐
Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

For those of us who have family and friends living in another city, or even country, staying connected with them is super easy, we just need to pick up the phone and send a message. Well, now you can do almost the same with your pet.

He/she probably won’t answer back to your text message, but he/she will definitely raise both ears when hearing your voice! 

Almost every pet camera has two-way audio, letting you have something similar to a phone call with your buddy. Some cameras even have treat dispensers and two-way cameras!

What Makes One Pet Camera Better Than Another?

When it comes to Pet Cameras, even though camera resolution is obviously very important, there are many other features more important than image quality. For example, devices with treat dispensers are a huge advantage because of the increased interactability they offer.

Our article Are Pet Cameras Worth It? explains in detail each feature of a pet camera, but if you are in a hurry, here is a list of each feature you can find in the best pet cameras: Angle Of Coverage; Two-Way Audio; Night Vision; Motion Detection; Treat Dispenser; Voice Control.

And now to our picks for the best pet cameras of 2020:

Our Picks:

Furbo Dog Camera - With everything you could possibly ask for.

Ultra slimNo virtual walls
Very silentNo app control 
Strong suction
Not many
scheduling options 

The Furgo Dog Camera has been seen as the best pet camera in the market for a long time now, and that’s because it offers everything you would expect. The video resolution of 1080p is the best you could ask for. The app is easy to set up and use, you can even have two people connected to the camera at the same time.

A big misconception about this camera is that, even though it was designed with dog owners in mind, it is also perfect for cats! Unlike what happens with some other treat throwing devices, you can fit almost every little biscuit in the Furbo Dog Camera. Pay attention not to use soft treats though: the camera can get a bit warm with time, so you should always use hard biscuit treats instead of soft treats that may melt or get sticky with heat.

This is a non-rotating camera, just like we mentioned before, even with the wide-angle lens, these cameras can’t capture a large angle vertically, so it will miss a big area of the ground close to the device if you put it on top of a table. This shouldn’t be a deal-breaker though, as it works perfectly well if placed in the ground or in a low platform.

The Furgo Dog Camera comes with many features, but some of them are only accessible through a monthly subscription, you can read more about this subscription here. If you don’t want to subscribe to a monthly paid service, this should also NOT be a deal-breaker, as many features are completely free, such as the barking detector, which detects not only dog barks but any loud noise and sends a notification to your phone. Some users say that this feature saved their houses from a fire because they got a notification when the smoke detector went off.

With all things considered, the Furgo Dog Camera is still the best gift a pet owner could give to himself.

Neos SmartCam - 2nd Best Pet Camera



Super affordable

No Virtual Walls

Very strong suction power

 Some navigation issues

App and voice control

Small Dustbin 

The Neos SmartCam took the security camera industry by surprise when it first came out with its incredible features for a fraction of the price of its competitors. Not only most security cameras are pretty expensive, some of them only let you save your recordings with a paid monthly subscription.

This camera can live stream full HD video straight to your smartphone, using motion and sound detection to notify you when there might be something up at home. It also comes with the option of recording the video directly into an SD card. This camera supports cloud storage and will automatically save up to 20 seconds of video whenever it detects motion or loud sounds.

The setup of the Neos SmartCam is as easy as it could be: for the app, you simply need to put your wi-fi information and show the QR code to the camera, for the mounting of the camera, you can use the two magnetic plates to set it up in whatever surface you want!

The only fault of using this camera as a pet camera is the few features it offers for interacting with your pet. You will be able to hear and talk to your buddy, but the speaker of the camera is not the greatest quality. You can still figure out what a person is saying, but the sound is not crystal clear.

With its incredible price, this bargain 1080p full HD smart camera gives you everything you need to keep an eye on your pets and in your house when you are away.

Victure IP Camera PC530 - 3rd Best Pet Camera

Good schedulingNo virtual walls
Multiple cleaning
 Sometimes gets lost
returning to charging dock
Long battery life 

The Victure IP Camera PC530 is the perfect choice for a pet owner that just wants to be sure his buddy is ok at all times. It doesn’t come with as many interactive features that other competitors might have (like a treat dispenser), but it compensates in other aspects. The first of all being the 360º angle of coverage it has by being easily rotatable through the app.

Within the app, you are able to select preset positions so you can then navigate through them easily. If you choose to buy more than one camera, you can also integrate every camera in the same app account, letting you keep an eye on everything that is happening at the same time.

This camera uses video encryption technology to keep you safe from any hacking or security problems. It even lets you save the recording directly into an SD card!

PetChatz HD and PawCall - 4th Best Pet Camera

App controlSome navigation issues
Voice control 
Strong suction power 

The PetChatz HD and PawCall is a combo of a pet camera and a button for your pet to call you! That’s right, you can be eating your lunch very relaxed, and all of a sudden receive a notification telling that pet would like to face time you! The PetChatz HD is the only pet camera with two-way video, which is why it is so expensive.

It is one of the pet cameras with more features you can get, other than the ones we have already talked about, it also has a treat dispenser, free smart video recording, and is the first camera to have aromatherapy to help pets with separation anxiety.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera - 5th Best Pet Camera

Very SlimNo app or voice control
Comes with
boundary strips
 Needs strips for
virtual walls
Strong suction
Not many scheduling

If you want a pet camera with a treat dispenser but still want to keep your bank account healthy, then the Petcube Bites Pet Camera might be the best option for you! This camera has a treat dispenser, 1080p HD video with a zoom option, two-way audio, night vision and compatibility with Alexa. 

The only minus that we can’t avoid talking about is the optional membership “Petcube Care” you need to pay for in order to have access to cloud video storage. If the most important thing for you is the interaction with your pet live while you are away, then this camera might be a good option. But if you value having videos of your pet whenever motion is detected, then it might be better for you to look at other cheaper cameras with free cloud and SD card storage options.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera - 6th Best Pet Camera

Very SlimNo app or voice control
Comes with
boundary strips
 Needs strips for
virtual walls
Strong suction
Not many scheduling

This camera is the one with the most amount of features in today’s market. Your pet will be able to follow a laser that you control in the app, as well as eat some treats! The app allows you to have up to 8 users online simultaneously looking and controlling the camera, which is great if your friends and family want to have some fun with your pet too.

The 130º wide-angle camera lens captures even the larger rooms. The image quality of 720p is great but we should mention that the night vision is not the greatest. 

The Pawbo Life Pet Camera is quite light and small, so it can be knocked over or damaged if in reach of your pet. We would recommend you to put the camera in a place the animals can’t reach, such as a shelf or small table, but never too high from the ground, because you still want to capture your buddy going around the house.

Zmodo EZCam - 7th Best Pet Camera

Very SlimNo app or voice control
Comes with
boundary strips
 Needs strips for
virtual walls
Strong suction
Not many scheduling

Don’t be mistaken by the fact this camera is in the last place on our list, just by making the cut, the Zmodo EZCam proves itself as being a great camera for its price. Although it lacks some features that pet lovers would want, such as the treat dispenser, if all you need is a way to communicate with your buddy without ruining your bank account, then you should seriously consider the Zmodo EZCam.

We will continually look to update this list as more cameras appear in the market.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and answered every questions you had! 

But if it didn’t, just leave a comment below or contact us via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and we will get back to you as soon as we see your message! 🐢

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